Take Time Out for a Walk

Posted by Trinity Falls onApr 24, 2020 9:42:27 AM


It’s important to keep a positive attitude and stay heart-healthy active. Take care of yourself by making time for a daily walk.

Walking offers the same health benefits of jogging or cycling, and the slower pace allows you to fully appreciate your natural surroundings, providing both physical benefits and a boost to your mental health.

What can walking do for you?

- Burn calories
- Boost your immune system
- Reduce your risk for coronary heart disease
- Lower your blood sugar, cholesterol levels and blood pressure
- Ease joint pain
- Reduce stress
- Increase productivity and creativity
- Improve your mood
- Elevate energy levels
- Tone your legs

Studies show that walking in natural settings such as a park or along a nature trail increase the hormones that help reduce stress and increase feelings of happiness and well-being.

Trinity Falls residents can walk, bike or jog through B.B. Owen Park, our 350-acre natural wonderland featuring more than two miles of winding, wooded river frontage. For them, a break from their daily routine is just outside their front door – and they can do it safely because there is plenty of room to roam.

Explore B. B. Owen Park and all of Trinity Falls by taking a virtual tour of our community.


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